Durga Femto Technologies & Research

Research facility (objective oriented) for Ph.D. Scholars, MBBS., BDS., M. Tech., M.Sc., B.E., B. Tech, and B.Sc. students.

Welcome to DFTR

Durga Femto Technologies and Research is to create a completely new realm in the research industry, where the pharmaceutical and medical industries can take benefit offers access to a comprehensive set of behavioral assays for fish models such as zebrafish, or Medaka. Measuring parameters of locomotion, olfactory function, sensory-motor gating, anxiety and stress or boldness, aggression, and emotional memory. The organization has completed a number of mutual projects with well-known R&D organizations. With our services, we also provide consultancy services, calibration services, biological application, and student training programs, proficient opportunities to the life science students in carrying out projects based on protein crystallography, Bioinformatics, biotechnology, molecular biology and its clinical applications. We are in production of zebrafish embryos (several wild-type and transgenic lines available). All our services receive appreciation for its usefulness, preciseness, and timeliness.